Welcome To My Crazy Beautiful Chef Apprentice Life

Hey! You made it!

Or rather, “Hey! John finally got off his metaphorical ass and actually got this together!”

Well, after months and months of sitting on the idea, I’ve finally got this blog up and running. Since MasterChef Canada, I’ve had so many adventures and experiences, and so many more still to come. If you’d like to share in those crazy adventures as I work my way to becoming a fully professional. Red Seal certified chef, then you’ve come to the right place!

Like my cooking, this place will be ever evolving. It’s kinda like that kitchen that always has some magical scent coming from it, that scent that is so familiar, but always bringing a new taste sensation when the dish comes out from behind those swinging doors. That’s what I want to bring to you, not just my crazy adventures, but also classic recipes drawn from both my family’s collection and of my own culinary machinations, and things that…well, are super awesome cool. Who knows what will end up on these pages?

Like Sheryl Crow once sang, “Every day is a winding road; I get a little bit closer.” — so come along for my magical journey!

Where are we going? Well, hop in and let’s find out!